10 Fun Facts About Mel

I’m actually not at all a fan of the word “Fun Fact”. It makes me think of every ice breaker that college has ever forced me into that asks the same 4 questions: Name, Major, Hometown, Interesting Fact. In every scenario, we go around the room and everyone talks about their study abroad trips, their high accomplishments, their week away in Italy, and then we’ve made it all the way around the circle to me. So the whole time everyone else was discussing their fabulous facts, I’m panicking, trying to scrape the depths of my brain for even the slightest of interesting facts. When I finally speak, the only thing I can muster up is “..I have a dog”. Mind you, I have traveled to France, Spain and England, I have played every sport possible for a kid to play, I am 6 ft tall, and I’ve been on many adventurous vacations worth mentioning. All of these are definitely interesting and definitely worth sharing with people that I will probably never talk to again, but in the stress of the moment it is inevitable that I will forget all times I have been remotely cool and resort to my dog being a “fun fact”. So from my experience, demanding instantaneous “Fun Facts” is not fun, it is stressful personal sabotage! But since I am not put on the spot nor in front of a room of super interesting strangers, you all are lucky! I’ve had the time to de-stress and process all the factors that will easily make me the coolest person that you have ever met. You’re Welcome.

1.) I’ve been a Cheerleader for 15 years.

Most recently, I competed across the country with the St. Ambrose Varsity Cheerleading Team. Both years that I was involved, we qualified and competed in the NAIA and NCA National Championships. Through this, I was able to travel to Oklahoma and Florida with my team, which was such a great experience. I definitely owe the best years to my life to this amazing sport.

2.) I am an active member of the SAU Marketing Club.

I am so grateful to be fortunate enough to travel with this club to awesome marketing firms and businesses to learn so much about the field and how to get a foot in. This club gave me the opportunity to establish connections with hiring managers within prestigious Chicago firms that will hopefully help guide my future.

3.) I’m obsessed with my dog.

Although I joked about my dog not being an interesting fact to share with strangers, he absolutely is. He is pretty much obtains all of the best boyfriend qualities (He follows me around, does whatever I say, loves cuddles and doesn’t talk), so I’m sure that if he magically turned into a real person somehow, we’d definitely get married. I’m basically the typical crazy dog lady. Here’s some pics of my handsome pup

4.) I traveled to Europe and it was amazing.

I don’t think that any of the greatness sunk in while I was visiting, but looking back at pictures makes my heart hurt! Spain is absolutely beautiful and the culture there is so lively. The Cathedrals and landmarks that I was able to see while visiting Spain, France and England were absolutely breathtaking and I cannot wait to get to a point in my life to where I can travel again. The most amazing things can be found overseas.

5.) I am nearly 6 feet tall!!

Missed it by one inch! You would think that I would take advantage of my height and play a sport like basketball or soccer or something… nope! I chose the only girl sport where it is almost required that all girls be under 5 foot. Can you imagine how difficult it is to flip around when there’s a whole 6 feet of you? Not easy whatsoever. Although I am already a giant, I wear heels very frequently just to ensure that everyone know that I am a tree. Sorry short people. I’ve provided pics in case you all didn’t believe me!

6.) I love a good adventure.

My favorite things in the world involve any kind of exploring and the outdoors. I regularly go hiking and kayaking, along with the annual camping trip that I take every year! I look forward to this all year because it is my one big opportunity to get outside and just mess around. Last year, I was fortunate enough to explore Turkey Run State Park and it was AMAZING. It had the greatest trails that actually encouraged climbing and true hiking, unlike most Illinois trails. I’d like to describe myself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so one of these days, I hope to become brave enough to finally go skydiving with my dad!

7.) My favorite thing on this whole planet is my dad’s “mac n’ cheese deluxe”.

When I was a kid, I was determined to die by starvation because I was such a picky eater. But my dad, being the genius that he is, invented “mac n’ cheese deluxe”, which is basically regular Kraft mac n cheese with a crap load of more cheese added to it. To this day, I have yet to find a mac and cheese that can even compare to my dad’s work of art. I don’t have a picture for this one, but if I did, you’d all be drooling.

8.) I am an active member of Phi Eta Sigma.

Although St. Ambrose does not have any greek life, we do have a great honor society that I am blessed to be a part of. In order to be invited to the organization, you must maintain above a 3.5 grade point average for an entire academic year. This was an awesome accomplishment for me and I am very proud of the hard work I put into my academic life.

9.) I am probably the craftiest person you know.

I think that everyone my age pretty much still has dormy decorations, but I love to fill my room with all my beach themed décor…. all made by me! Thanks to my equally as crafty mother, I am a pinterest junkie and a total copy cat, but I love taking on a crafty challenge when I find one. Every piece on my wall was either a revamped garage sale design or handmade by yours truly (Until I start filling the rest of my room with trendy L2W products at least!). If you ever need a crafty person in your life, I’m definitely your girl! Check out my current college room!

10.) I am so excited to be working at Letter2Word!

Here at L2W, I am currently working as their marketing intern. This means that I will be active on all of L2W’s social media accounts, hopefully drawing all of you wonderful people to our even more wonderful products. Knowing this, help support me by liking my posts, commenting on the things that catch your eye and following Letter2Word on all of the social media platforms found at the bottom of the Letter2Word homepage! I cannot wait to hear from all of you and to jump into this amazing opportunity, and I hope you all are looking forward for the new posts to come!

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