Wearin' O' the Green--On the Bod or in the Abode

Love the saying "wearin' of the green"? There’s no better way to “be Irish” (on March 17th ) than to wear ANYTHING green– all shades are acceptable these days. Think about the green grass of the bonnie pastures of Ireland and you'll envision kelly green, originally the most popular color worn in the St. Patrick’s Day parades. Now, the color palette has opened its arms to hunter green, chartreuse, or the many shades of the color that get their names from natural things – avocado, asparagus, pear, moss, fern, and pine.  Pantone sets the color standard for the printing industry and its matching system is used in art, design, and fashion. Green was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2013, which made the Irish very happy!

Green may not be the color this year, but it  hasn’t faded or lost its charm. Here's a St. Patty's day personalized item from L2W that can signify your name and your luck! Jane Allen, one of the L2W Word Girls, displays the "A" in front of a sage green wall and a  flower using packaging materials that have been upcycled-- so "green"! Create your own personalized letter with clover here! Use promo code STPATS2016 and receive 15% off from now until 3/21! 

Looking to add some green to your front door? We have the perfect touch! Click here to create your own! 


Wearing green can be translated to decorating in green, and this month is a great time to push green in your décor!  Color can influence us more than we know. It can attract us, signify movement or an action--green light means "go"-- or it can create many moods. The color green is particularly associated with St. Patrick's day, but also influences pop culture or sporting teams like the Boston Celtics. The Green Lady of Brooklyn was introduced to the world 20 years ago when at 54, Elizabeth Sweetheart started dressing head to toe in a bright lime green.


Elizabeth Sweetheart surrounds her life, her being, and even her thumb with the color green, you could say she has an ever-green approach to life. She is a color collector that you just have to smile at when you see her green surroundings. Credit Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

 Are you feeling brave? Green is a wonderful color to add as an accent wall. However, it is not the easiest color to narrow down, for there are soooooo many choices! An article from Real Simple magazine narrowed the color wheel down to four of the best paint choices for your home. Link to this brief article here: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/decorating/decorating-color-green/four-gorgeous-shades-green.

color drops

These drops of paint could really jazz up your home. Photo by Manfred Koh for Real Simple. These greens vary from #1 with a tiny drop of green in a grayish palette (Sea grass ML#15 from Ralph Lauren Paint) to a deep forest green #3 (Farrow & Ball Minster green) that might be best used for a powder room. Try #2 for a statement wall (like that Gallery wall I was just talking about last week!) It's Valspar in Lovely Green #6009-9 this milky green tone would also look fantastic in a kitchen with crisp white trim.

 “Green is great for color-phobes, as it can be surprisingly neutral,” says Jessica Becker, a New York City interior designer with her own firm, Jessica Becker Designs.


british museum

You may not have the actual oil paintings by the Masters on your walls, but what about framing the kids’ favorite art brought home from school? A colored wall can make quite an impact as seen here at  London’s British Museum. Just fill the wall with your favorite things.

Now advice on picking the right color for you…BrightNest.com had the best advice in its post “50 Shades of Green—a Painting Story”:

1. When in Doubt, Pin!

Create a Pinterest board and pin every single shade of that color you come across. It’s really helpful to see all the shades next to each other and makes it easier to eliminate shades you aren’t completely over-the-moon about.

2. Take It for a Test Drive

Bring home samples of a few shades you’ve narrowed it down to and paint a substantial portion of the wall. This is a low-commitment, high-reward task and will help you see what the shade looks like in both natural and ambient light.

3. Make Sure Everyone Gets Along!

Place a piece of artwork or furniture that is a staple in the room next to your paint swatches. Choose the shade that best compliments your furniture and artwork.

4. Let Your Friends Help

If you’ve narrowed down your choices, but can’t decide, ask for a little help. Invite a few friends over who have great style, and get chatty.

5. Just Do It

Pick a shade. If you hate it, the world will not end. Just repaint it with your second favorite option!


lotso green

If you love all shades of green, why not add accents of your favorite color in your curtains, furniture, or throw pillows that are different tones of green. Give your room texture by incorporating different shades of the one color you want to feature (obviously it's green here at Daily-Home Ideas.com) Making the room interesting and original with the unexpected touches using a variety of greens.

Many people of Irish descent retain a sense of their Irish heritage. The “wearin’ of the green” is one obvious way those of Irish decent can display pride at the many parades and celebrations to honor the day. These days, you don’t even have to be Irish to get in the spirit!

The timing of March 17th is perfect for springing on the green—spring is around the corner --the temperatures are warming up, the snow is melting, and the green is popping out all over.

marthastew shamrocks

Check out the shamrock table décor on Martha Stewart.com and decorate with some of the classic traditions….you don’t have to simply use the images of leprechauns, try real shamrock plants. These are called oxalis, a pretty, happy-looking plant that is simple to keep alive --even without a "green" thumb!

 At my St. Pat’s parties, I annually revamp my favorite pot-of-gold centerpiece, collected from Mickey’s wide-mouth beer.

pot o gold

The golden caps from the fine malt liquor brewed in Milwaukee, WI and served at various parties over the years have been saved for their humorous ability to start conversations and promote a little teamwork!. Inside each shiny cap is a little picture puzzle. See the one I got this year! (pictured below in a bed of oxalis plants….).

 mickeys rebus

 This year's little pot of gold decoration said "Check Out My Blog"!! How apropos!


When Irish eyes are smiling, sure 'tis like a morn in spring.
In the lilt of Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing,
When Irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay,
And when Irish eyes are smiling, sure, they steal your heart away.
Chauncey Olcott and George Graff, Jr. (lyrics) & Ernest R. Ball (music)


Have a wonderful and bright St. Patrick's Day!

By Ann K. Nicknish (BWG, The Blogging Word Girl)




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  • Thanks for your Irish spirit, Ann! Even though green is not the color of the year, it’s always a favorite of mine!


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