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Remember “Eenie meanie meinie moe….catch a tiger by its toe”? The rhyme was an easy way to decide who was“it” in any childhood game. Now enter Letter2Word’s new Club Kiddo Collection (Launching Soon!) -eight room concepts that are so exciting you might just have to decide your favorite with help from the rhyme!
Womb 2 Room~ The womb is a baby’s home before coming into the world, once the baby is born, you want to welcome the child with an awesome room that comforts but also one that offers fun and exciting décor that the child can explore and grow with. The old way is passé -–decorating a nursery and then having to redecorate a few years later.
L2W to the rescue! The L2W team has been busy designing an amazing solution to this problem...
With Club Kiddo you can easily change the room décor as the child changes, you can simply rearrange the pieces to give the room a fresh look or select items from the a la carte selection to add new pieces to the mix. Remember...the entire collection ships ready to hang with dual sided strips allowing you to be creative with placement and also allows you to move and reposition with no harm to the piece or your walls! Your kiddo’s room is a very special place, for your child and for you! The space supports their growth, mentally and physically. The Club Kiddo Collection features great themes that can be mixed and matched to fit the image of places they can go… 
  • Camp Kiddo—a space where nature rules, your kiddo is the discoverer and the campfire’s at the ready for s’mores! Write messages to other fellow campers on the teepee chalkboard. (And don’t forget to splash in some magical fireflies to chase!)    
  • Dog Park—Think “pawsitive”... Doxsie to lab, the dogs which happen to be chalkboards (functional & fun) can have a party on your kiddo’s wall with happy hats, bowties, and dog bones to sprinkle here and there (they can be easily moved to your whimsy or stay decoratively mounted on a headboard. Each collection has icons that come in packs of six.) Did we mention Dog Park is not just for kiddos but for dog lovers everywhere! 
dogpark wall
  • Beautiful You—positive messages are inspiring! Be YOU-tiful, inside and out --says thumb’s up to your kiddo at every glance! Subtle messaging on the wall never hurts! The chalkboard face can be for a boy or girl—there are glasses and headbands to adjust to your liking.
  • You are Treasured—skuba divers, a bright blue octopus, bubbles….this collection includes an underwater treasure chest that serves as a chalkboard for secret messages like “Ahoy Matey, You’re the Best!
  • Super Hero—Kaboom! Your kiddo is the superhero, let them grow into their superpower! The shield can include their first initial, the skyline chalkboard can message the needs of Gotham, and stars and lightning bolts can empower even the blankest wall!
  • Sunshine Flower Girl- Sunshine makes me happy! Ladybugs and leaves can make virtual wallpaper that bring the outdoors in without the bug spray!
  • Life's a Circus- What kiddo doesn't love the circus... many days parents may say, Our house is a circus... You can now make this reality! 
  • We've Got Your Number—one potato, two potato, three potato, four---Color-saturated numbers in proper order to help with counting, or scattered for fun—great for the kids desk area. You could even focus on their favorite sports number with dots to accent as they join different teams. Also includes XOXO---Games like Tic Tac Toe in a square pattern saturate the wall or they can translate into hugs and kisses if strung in a row—that’s up to you!


    Use your noodle…one, two, three, GO! The Number Cruncher collection is designed to save you time…It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to pick the spot, peel the Command strips, and press on to the wall. If you don’t like where you placed the numbers, just move them or adjust and when you are happy with their spot, press more firmly.

    Clubs….for kids, they are places to -- play, learn, and grow together. Rooms, like clubs, are places to play, learn, and the Club Kiddo Collection can grow with your child. The place they spend most of their time should be a space that should excite, nurture and reflect your style and their personality!



    Joining any club—be it an art club, a book club, a sports club—is a place to learn. Now you can join the DIY – Do-it-Yourself club that makes you become the interior designer and artist without attending Art School. Our L2W artist, Sally, transfers her artistry and skill into your hands—you just have to do the choosing of the Club Kiddo Collection or parts you like best—they are available as a full collection or as individual pieces allowing your kiddo to build their very own club concept.... which leads me to...

    CONTEST TIME: Take a photo of your kiddos creative concept that they developed using Club Kiddo a la carte pieces... It could be the next Club Kiddo Concept L2W decides to introduce to their line. If your kiddo's concept is selected you will receive $250 worth of Club Kiddo Kash to spend on other decor for their unique space! (Details for this contest will be included in an upcoming blog post and also on our social media sites... so stay tuned!) 

     A few years ago, our neighborhood kids could take a summer camp called “Trash to Treasure”. They went to the Habitat Re-Store and picked out pieces to paint and enhance for their rooms. The new Club Kiddo collection reminds me of that concept, now it’s taking a blank canvas (the wall) and suddenly adding pops of color and playful images that are themed to wow those walls. You just don’t have to take a class to make it happen! See the entire collection that is launching soon on and on select retailer sites. 


    If you have the Wall Space but 0 Time, you need to Join the Club -- L2W Club Kiddo! There’s no one else like your child and nothing else like Letter2Word’s Club Kiddo Collection!

    Minutes 2 Magnificent, you’ll fill the blank SPACE and have a room that is Art- Fully loaded! You are the STAR!

    Be the Shining Star we know that you are and Join The Club. Club Kiddo COMING SOON!! Reserve your collection? No problem place your pre order today, email: or call 563.940.1164. Be the first to join the club! 

    By: Ann K. Nicknish, the BWG (Blogging Word Girl)

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