Follow your Nose –Lured by Aroma and Bouquet

Easily entertained by idioms, I had to see the origin of “follow your nose” because there’s a new place down the way, called the Aroma Café. Does the aroma, or scent, lead you to your favorite hot coffee or tea spot?


Here Mickey Mouse must be hungry enough to let the wafting aroma seductively lure him to the source. Many cartoons have used the imagery of the aroma taking the shape of a hand to lead characters to sweets or savories-- Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear and Mickey Mouse have followed their nose. Photo from

The actual phrase  “follow your nose” is meant to instruct a person to go straight ahead, in the same direction. That would assume that the follower has a straight nose! Your nose is in the middle of your face, pointing you in a line.  So, if you follow it, you proceed directly ahead. Darn! That means following the 15th century rendition of “follow your nose” has nothing to do with the nose’s ability to smell things. Wait! That saying might work if someone is directing you to the coffee shop inside a garden store—where you might have to take a left and two right turns (by following the sweet smell).





We like to shoot before-and-after pictures of the walls and rooms that Letter2Word’s icons and phrases have graced to show how much the words truly transform a space. Check out the new installation at Green Thumbers garden store located in Davenport, Iowa. The blank gray exterior now gives a positive message with a little humor. Life's a garden, Dig it!  


Established in 1948, The Green Thumbers is the longest standing nursery and floral shop in the Quad Cities area with a tradition of excellence and service to the community. Individuals have planted trees, shrubs and perennials that can be seen on older estates to newer subdivisions.

The nursery, which has sold food items and gifts in addition to its floral bouquets for every occasion, now becomes a destination to relax with a pot of tea or spark up some conversations over a hot cuppa. The Aroma Cafe is a very welcoming place to eat, drink, smell and savor the new surroundings.





Just this April, the shop opened Aroma Coffee & Café to treat the neighbors to baked goods for breakfast with their pour-over coffees and teas and offer a place for a lunch date to savor soup, sandwiches, and sweets.





The customer can have lunch or buy a spray of flowers to surprise the birthday girl...even if she is not happy about the decade, just tell her Ralph Waldo Emerson said   "the earth laughs in flowers" so she can laugh at her smile lines!

FuN FaCts: Learn a little about the word AROMA…it means an agreeable fragrance or scent, usually from food or drink. A scent that pleases the nose in a way that might make you lick your lips. An aroma can be tied to freshly baked bread or a wine with a light, fruity aroma. So an aroma can make you wake up to smell the coffee OR be tied into the tasting of wine. 


This for all you #wineos...The terms wine aroma and wine bouquet are not exactly scientific but they can be useful to classify the origin of where the smells come from in wine. Very simply, a wine aroma is derived from the grape itself –say a Zinfandel or a Cabernet grape. The fruit and floral words in your tasting notes like green apple or grapefruit describe the aroma.


According to Wine Folly, there are ways to become knowledgeable on your wine scents--here's a little pictorial explanation of bouquet. Link to learn more:

A wine bouquet is derived from the wine-making process of fermentation and aging. A classic example of a wine bouquet is the smell of vanilla, which usually comes from aging wine in new oak barrels. Other bouquets are mushrooms, earth, or leather.

 wine sniffer

Professional wine tasters can detect older wine because it will have a predominate bouquet but a more muted aroma. Knowing how something should taste helps one be a better consumer of wine. (Image from supermariolxpt's flickr.)

Your nose knows, said some intellectual, apparently it knows more than one thing. It knows how to lead you "straight" to your destination OR it can follow the scent to lure you to a craving. Have fun being a detective and discovering new places to visit or enjoy eating or drinking in!


 Spread the language of flowers!

The L2W team had so much fun adding a spray of words and color to the inside and outside walls of Green Thumbers! Looking to add some life to your walls? The L2W team works with individuals, businesses, restaurants, hotels to add fun, fresh, and innovative designs to their establishments... give us a call and we start designing for you

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By: Ann K. Nicknish, the Blogging Word Girl (BWG)

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