Fist Pump for the & --It Weds Perfect Pairs

The merry merry month of May -- let's kick off wedding season! A time for emerging  flowers, green lawns,  off-the-shoulder dresses-- and celebrating unions at the altar. This means it’s the time to celebrate the ampersand as well. The Ampersand is the symbol that ties up everything neatly into a perfect pairing


Grammy winner and maid of honor Kacey Musgraves pairs a little country singing in a toast to her sister Kelly and brother-in-law Canaan Sutton in an outdoor wedding. (See more pictures at

The Ampersand is actually a conjunction--a hardworking symbol that connects two words.  I like to think of using the "&" as editing with a little flair. The Ampersand subtracts letters from the word “and” and turns it into one recognizable swirl. That solo swirl packs a punch—it pairs words with a bit more zing than the “and” can do all alone.


The "S" in the above piece represents the bride's first name and the "B" represents the groom's first name. This ampersand monogram wall decor from Letter2word, is the perfect wedding gift for the new couple who can add it to a gallery wall of wedding photographs.


For the traditional couple:


For the less traditional couple: 

You don't have to have an artist actually paint this script on your wall--just order the dimensional option from Letter2Word. The words simply adhere to your wall (or truly any surface) with dual sided hammer, no nails, no damage!  Giving you a wonderful way to acknowledge the significance of going from Miss to Mrs. It can transform that wall of your first apartment then be moved to your first home when the time comes--probably the easiest art you'll ever have to move!

2 Really Personalize: 

Here are a few of my favorites words  to tie-2gether relating to wedding season:

  • Time & Place
  • Laugh & Cry
  • Naughty & Nice
  • Sickness & Health
  • Here & Now
  • You & Me

 A honeymoon or anniversary trip to London could unite YOU with the Ampersand, literally. Look into staying at this this boutique hotel that shares a title with that pairing symbol. …

Located just next to South Kensington tube, London's  Ampersand Hotel has been named by TripAdvisor as the second-best new hotel in Europe and the eighth most-highly rated in the world. From the interior design to the collections and curiosities, The Ampersand Hotel unites guests with the local surrounding area through the five themes of botany, music, geometry, ornithology & astronomy. Admire the pairing of spots of scarlet and turquoise in the tea room.


 This quote is perfect to end the thoughts of Ampersands....pinned from


Ann K. Nicknish, The Blogging Word Girl (BWG)

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