The Early Days of Letter2Word

All of us have our life stories, molded by people, events, and life decisions.  Life is a journey and along the way it has twists and turns of the good, bad, and the ugly.

In June of 2011, I was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer: the ugly.  The future was uncertain, yet with an over the top medical team, my God, and being surrounded by the love, prayers, and many words of encouragement, the words of life became rallying points to living.

During chemo, seeing my daughter Bekah graduate from high school kept me focused.  With this in mind, the walls that closed in on me during chemo, needed to be dramatically transformed before the graduation celebration! Finally after my journey through chemo, I felt the life and creativity flowing through my veins again! It was then that I contacted Sally, an artist and designer to enhance and finalize this major transformation of my house.  

To complete the redecorating, I wanted a capital "A" for our outdoor living space. My husband cut the letter "A", and Sally used her artistry to paint it... taa-daa the ordinary became extraordinary! Six months later as I was admiring the "A", the Lord spoke to my heart and said this can be a business.  Shortly thereafter, Letter2Word was started. We believe in the power of the word!

Decorating your life with words....Jane




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