Word Wednesday-OverComer

Word Wednesday: OVERCOMER

It’s not impossible, it’s I’m possible. No matter how big or how small, we’ve all had to overcome something that played a significant role in who we are today.

You’re an OVERCOMER! At L2W, we celebrate overcoming obstacles with a personally inspired and hand-painted visual reminder so you will never forget your story of strength. Remember…who YOU ARE.

We would absolutely love to hear your overcoming story! Please share with us in comments section below.

In the celebration of all OVERCOMERS, for a limited time, we’re offering 20% off of your purchase of the word “OverComer” by entering the code OVERCOMER when checking out.

Select one custom color for the O and C in "OverComer" from color choices found the OverComer product page. Don't see your custom color? Type in what color you would like in the special instructions box once you add this item to your cart. 

Decorating your life with words…Jane


For all of you fighting the fight we thought you may enjoy this video! 

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