It's all the about the "name"

It's all the about the "name"

First question that I asked when I hear about the birth of a baby is--

"What the name?" I simply just wonder, "why?". Pondering this, I came up with a variety of reasons.....

..keeps tradition alive in a family lineage
..reminds you of someone you love, respect, and cherish. like the way it flows and how it sounds with your last name
..exudes strength and stability
..looks fantastic as a monogram
..the obvious; you just plain like it!!!

Point being there is a connection between a chosen name and your new bundle of joy.

In the earlier of our marriage, Phil and I enjoyed watching Family Ties on TV. I loved loved loved the mother's name, Elyse, played by Meredith Baxter! Even back then, I knew that if I was gifted with a daughter, Elise would be in her name. In 1995, I had the wonderful pleasure of using the name that I loved, "Elise", as our daughters middle name!

When most parents call their child by their full name, they are usually in deep dodo. When I call my daughter by her full name it is done with a grin on my face and a smile in my heart.

I would love to hear the reasons why your child's name became your child's name? (Use the comments box below) 

It all in a name!!!


Here are just few L2W pieces to honor the name: 

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