Epiphany, so sudden and inspiring

Finding it too clever to write a SIX-Word Memoir, I opted to focus on one WORD and elaborate.

One of the most entertaining books I’ve ever been given--by my sensible oldest brother-- is called “Not Quite What I was Planning- Six-word Memoirs.” The New York Times bestseller from 2008 is an amazing testament to the art of words and word placement. (LINKS to Smith Magazine—smithmag.net or sixwordmemoir.com)

Six words all connected can be inspiring but let’s just try one word this 2016.

I have been crafting words for my own enjoyment in my journal for more than 40 years. I turned 50 a few months ago and after working from the home for the last 8 years, I was hired to assist a new startup company called Letter2Word, based in Davenport, Iowa. When asked to start a Blog, you could say I had an epiphany (See Dictionary.com’s definition)




noun (pl) -nies

1. the manifestation of a supernatural or divine reality

 2. any moment of great or sudden revelation


I was struck by an “epiphany” on the day before the actual “Epiphany” to choose this word for our first Letter2Word Blog post. I am the newest member of “The Word Girls” – a team that makes walls happy, creating a décor product in the USA that speaks and sparks. It speaks by letting you first order the 3-dimensional word --from Letter2Word.com and various brick-and-mortar and online retailers --that inspires you, then SPEAKS again when you put the word (or phrase) on that blank space and let it do its magic, the SPARK!

I promised myself I would not digress….so back to EPIPHANY. The word has a formal meaning with a capital “E” that according to the American Heritage Dictionary means: A Christian festival occurring on January 6th and celebrating the visit of the Magi to a stable, ie: Three Wise Men and their journey’s end.

 child is born

I love to decorate for the season and in December, I created this wall to symbolize the true meaning and focus of Christmas. The cursive phrase “a child is born”—artwork by Letter2Word-- is my holiday wall art that SPARKS the spirit.

Welcome to Letter2Word and my “epiphany”

By: Ann K. Nicknish (Pictured above and the blogging Word Girl)

 word girls

The original "Word Girls" Sally, Jane, and Shannon

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