Keep on Keepin’ On –and Persevere


Ever have one of those days… your child has a fever, your car won’t start, you forgot your lunch, and you are inundated with emails, texts, calls, or work?! The phrase that was used in my presence last week, after one-of-those-days was “Keep On, Keepin’ On”.

 When consulting the dictionary I used in high school (I don’t throw much away)…I was on the hunt for the meanings of the word “KEEP” and found one of those words with considerably more than one meaning. The American Heritage Dictionary’s fifth edition online’s meaning for KEEP totaled three 8-1/2-x/11 pages with 14 definitions, so I went with the 1983 version.

Houghton Mifflin’s 1983 second edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, is a bit more concise, but a lengthier current version is available online at

 So let’s evaluate the saying, “Keep on, Keeping on”.  In the 1983 edition, KEEP Definition #5:  To manage; tend; maintain. I see the phrase’s first implication of the word “keep” is to maintain and the second is more of the idiomatic form to keep at it: or to persevere in a course of action. It’s a catchy way of saying ‘hang in there and don’t give up.’ Perfect for a high school or college student needing a positive message during the semester and especially during final’s week

keep on keepin on

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It’s a truly inspirational message to not give up-- just make inroads and navigate through the traffic cones that are causing hazards to your day.


Look at this creative and interactive take on the orange traffic cone that usually slows one down, here in a permanent art installation at a park in Portugal. Likearchitects created (I)cone-- constructed of 500 plastic traffic cones chosen specifically for their weather resistance and permanence. Passer’s by can walk through or sit under the plastic maze at a City Park in the town of Paredes, Portugal— the sculpture begs to be touched and is even lit up by red LED lights at night.

 icone image

Likearchitects installed the traffic cone structure in 2012, to see more of the firm’s work, go to Photography: FG+SG © | Marcus Garcia ©



KEEP : definition # 7: to Preserve and Protect

 In this case, to preserve and protect one’s sanity, keep working or doing, and don’t give up.

red keep poster


A few years ago, the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” hit the world with a vengeance. The famous red poster, that was going to be used in bomb areas of World War II era Great Britain has an interesting history. There were three inspirational posters printed, but the red one was never actually used on walls to give Brits a chin up attitude.

 Fast forward to the year 2,000 when a British second hand bookseller found one of the posters in its collection of books purchased at auction. The little poster that could…it was hung up in the booksellers shop, someone asked for a copy, and now it’s in mass production in every form imaginable! Keep Calm and Drink Tea, Keep Calm and Carol On, Keep Calm and Play Soccer, the end antidotes are endless . Watch this captivating, yet calming, short about Barter Books in northern England to find out more about the British posters of 1939.


The word of the week “keep” has layer upon layer of meaning and deserves a second or third installment. But for now, just remember to:

                                                                 Keep On Keepin’ On:)


By: Ann K. Nicknish (The Blogging Word Girl)





  • KEEP is a powerful word by itself or “shouldering” the world as in Keep Calm and carry on…Thanks for comment and KEEP reading!

    Ann the BWG
  • I like the word KEEP better than I used to, knowing all the different ways we can use it. Maybe I would just hang that word alone – pretty powerful. Never gave it the kind of attention it deserves.
    Thanks Ann!


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