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all you need is LOVE

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all you need is LOVE 

After 31 years of marriage, one of the big dilemmas that happens is what do you give each other for gifts? This year Phil and I have come to the solution! Instead of gifts that will be forgotten, lost, or not even useful...we have decided enjoying experiences together is a gift way more fulfilling.

This knowledge is what I applied when thinking about what to get Phil for his big double nickels (55th) birthday. Phil has expressed how he wants to see his childhood rockstars in concert while they are still alive and rockin'. So it couldn't have been more perfect that Paul McCartney is going on tour just 2 weeks after Phil's birthday. It was a done deal!!!

We can't wait to hear an already great classic, "All You Need is Love", live standing next to the love of my life. Happy birthday, Phil!

And just remember! (cue Paul McCartney)

All you need is love,
All together now!
All you need is love,
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

Decorating your life with words...Jane

Fun2Fact: "All You Need is Love" was written by Lennon, yet credited to the great duo, Lennon/McCartney 49 years ago to date, 7/7/67!

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