Calling All DIY Lovers!

Everyone loves a good DIY, but sometimes it seems impossible to find one that is low-cost and high-quality. Look no further! I have found the perfect little project for any fall décor makeover that is quick, easy, and adorable! Not only is it a great fall accent piece, but it also serves as extra lighting for surrounding décor!

Mason jars are all the rage lately for home decoration and can be embellished a million ways into simple, yet fabulous accents to a room. This particular one is so simple and inexpensive… I love it! The project cost me about $6 and most items can be purchased at your local dollar store. Although it would be amazing (and free!!) to use real leaves, I recommend using fabric leaves for a better, long-lasting result. They adhere better, and will last much longer than a dried out leaf. I’ll walk you through each step so you guys can create an adorable piece to add to your fall season collection!

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Although I used my fingers for this, it may be easier (and less messy!) for you all wear a pair of gloves to apply the superglue to the leaves and jar. For this first step, you’ll want to wipe down the outside of your jar to make sure that it is smudge and dust free. I recommend using dawn soap to remove any tricky greasy spots. If the jar is not cleaned properly, the glue will not adhere correctly and you may lose a leaf! The second thing you’ll want to do is to loosen up your leaves a bit. You want them to form to your jar, so bend them and roll them around in your hands to make them more malleable!

The next step is to apply the super glue to the jar. Apply a thin layer on one section of the jar, the less you use the smaller the mess. When that layer becomes tacky, place a leaf over the sticky area. Repeat this step around the rest of the jar to cover the glass in the fabric leaves. The leaves adhere best when sticking the center onto the jar, and the pushing your way out to the edges. I found this part a little tricky because it does take some work to get them to stick, but as the glue dries they should stick right on there!

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For this project, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t over layer the leaves because you want light to still shine through them! Once you have finished applying all leaves, give it about 3 hours to dry completely before moving on to the next step!

When you are sure the super glue has dried completely, finish off the project by tying your hemp string or ribbon to complete your fabulous fall look. Finally, you can throw a tea light candle or a battery powered one in the jar and fill the room with a beautiful yellow/orange fall glow!

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I may be a DIY lover, but I am no master of the trade yet. Here are some tips so you can avoid any mistakes that I made throughout this awesome project!
Helpful Tips:

  • The leaves are a bit of a pain to get to stick to the jar completely. I wouldn’t struggle too much with it, because I think it makes them look more natural to stick up a little on the edges!
  • Dampen or iron your leaves before you adhere them so they become easier to move and mold.
  • Give the super glue time to become tacky before applying the leaves.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your bare fingers, but beware!  The super glue may seep through the leaves and get on your fingers.
  • I have not done it myself yet, but I believe that for the longest-lasting result you should finish off by spraying the whole project with a clear varnish.
  • I recommend using battery operated tea lights or a short strand of firefly lights for the best looking glow!

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This little project is perfect for my size apartment and is a great accent piece for the season. Always remember that when decorating your home, you always want complementing pieces that enhance your current décor! My “Blessed” sign ( from Letter2Word glows beautifully when placed next to these and serves as a perfect fall addition to the rooms atmosphere!  I hope you all enjoyed this DIY Fall Décor Tutorial, and I would love to hear some feedback from you! Comment, follow or share and their might be something in it for you (;


  • Great craft idea. Love L2W signage with this craft – looks great!!

  • I see a “moms night in” in my future. This diy looks easy for the novice but sophisticated enough for any skill level! I think I will add wine! ;-)

    Lacey zimmerman

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