Curb Appeal- Letter2Word Style

Looking for easy ways to add curb appeal 2 your home?

          ... We have some easy ways to do so!


Insignificant 2 Significant- small and subtle is the norm... but we know L2W fans are far from the norm... Be the stand out we know you are & add powerful house numbers!

Pictured below are L2W custom 18" High Numbers- (email 2 order)

Below are L2W standard 9" High Numbers- (click photo below to purchase)


Words 2 Welcome- Fun door décor! Personalize with your family initial or words that welcome! Add a pops of color with a fun doormat, plants and outdoor lanterns  (Hint: For great/cheap doormats go to Target, Threshold brand has some awesome choices for $12.99)

2 Super Simple Steps 2 Add Instant Curb Appeal-

          What's even better is that these pieces are Super Simple to Install...

1) Just order at the possibilities are endless! Don't see what you're looking for? No problem, we've got ya covered. Email us at: or call 563-940-1164 and we can create it!

2) Once you receive your purchased item(s) select your desired location.

3) Clean the surface of where you plan to hang (door, siding, etc) Fun tidbit: All L2W items ship ready to hang with dual sided strips so just peel the back off the strips and stick and push onto your desired surface...hold for a count of 10. 

Keep in mind- These pieces are weather resistant, however avoid hanging in locations that get constant direct sunlight.

Want a VERY permanent placement?  You can drill into L2W material. We suggest you drill a small hole into the piece in the exact location of where the screws will go. Then place the screws in those holes, hang and drill into desired location. Have questions? Call us 563.940.1164 or email:, we're here to help!

4) Now you're stylin' ... beware, neighbors will be knocking at your door to learn your curb appeal secrets :)


Remember 2 Always  ...


 Don't Forget 2 Always...

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