Dreams Do Come True!


Dreams do come true

Haven't you been awed by these Olympians reaching their dreams? Dreams are what you eat, sleep and drink.  Dreams are with you 24/7/365.  They become every bit of your being. They are something you persist and pursue with an internal flaming passion. One failure does not put out this burning desire within.

My #dream was motherhood.  For my husband and I, this journey entailed a whole lot more than I ever expected. Pregnancy couldn't just happen, but required planning to navigate my health issues before and after the birth of our biological son Drew.  Needless to say, the simple things young mothers get do with their babies and toddlers were challenged daily. I became extremely creative in mastering these tasks on a daily basis. Severe rheumatoid arthritis did not halt this dream or extinguish my purpose for life.

#dreams are worth chasing-
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