Enjoying the Little Things

Enjoying the Little Things 

The thrill of my life is enjoying the little things.  For me enjoying the little things of life centers around connecting with those I love….relationships.

When my 85 year old dad calls me in the morning and says “Hey ya Tootsie, how are you today?  I am enjoying my coffee and newspaper out on the deck this beautiful morning. The only thing I am missing now is you not being here!” 

Making a phone date with my friend and old neighbor Renee-my ‘pink lipstick sista’! I can hear her cheery voice saying “Hey Girlie, it’s me”. I respond by saying “Let me grab a cup of coffee”, and two hours later we are still chatting…time certainly flies when you are having fun!

Meeting my daughter-in-law at Target and seeing my grandson Sam sitting in the cart like a little-big-guy now.  He sees me, his legs start bouncing and and a big grin comes across his face when I say “Hey little buddy!“  It’s the smile that melts this Nana’s heart!

Buying clothes and bringing them home to try on. Then my own private fashion show starts when I FaceTime my daughter at college and hear her say things like “I like that one Mom” or “not so much!”.  Sometime she says “I think that would look better on me!”.  As Mommas, we all know what that means…it now gets hung in her closet!

Spur of the moment Euchre games on a Sunday night with our friends Tom and Kate.  Decked out in comfy clothes, munching on Papa Murphy’s pizza and popcorn.  It is a great night when the girls win.

Saturday mornings sipping on French press coffee, listening to music, and reading the “wally” (Wall Street Journal) with my Hubster!

Call me simple, but enjoying the little things are big things in my life!!!!!

Decorating your life with words….Jane

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