Family Fun for the Fourth

family Fun for the Fourth!

 Fourth of July is a day where we as a country celebrate and remember our gaining of freedom. For many of us, this is a day that is celebrated with our families. For my family, the Fourth has become a tradition of fun festivities with my niece, her husband, and their three kids who I like to call “the littles”.

The excitement for the arrival of the littles begins about a week in advance, as I start gathering their special treats for their stay at auntie’s. One of the sources for our family fun is centered on making, eating, and talking about food. We are the foodie family. So, for the Fourth it is only fitting to bring out the two fryers for the Heston Blumenthal hand-cut triple cooked fries with a variety of homemade aioli for dipping, along with the perfectly charred pork ribs on the Green Egg. It is a full on finger food feast! The night is topped off with s’mores on the fire and fireworks by the river.

And this is the Fourth with the Allen family! Happy Birthday America and have a funtabulous Fourth of July, everyone!

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