It is more blessed...

I truly am a blessed women! We often think of blessed as something we do verses who we are. What do we do to be blessed, we receive blessings. Receiving is a challenge for many of us because we like to

When I ask my good friend, Ora, "How are you?", she always hugs me with a big smile on her face and says, "I am too blessed to be stressed.". Her reply always causes me to take a deep breath and look inward. It takes my eyes of my negative thoughts and grumblings and reminds me to receive this blessing.

Remember you have to receive a blessing to be blessed. My good friend, Ora, blessed me beyond words when she spent numerous nights with me at the University of Iowa Hospital during my chemotherapy journey almost 5 years ago. I was truly blessed and will never be able to "repay" Ora for her blessing on my life. Perhaps, because a blessing received becomes a permanent part of our lives? I am a blessed woman.

It is more blessed....

Decorating your life with words...Jane



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  • Well said, Jane.

    Dave Renfro

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