Love This Date—July 19th

Love This Date—July 19th

This week consisted of the date July that is not overlooked in my life. I have received three distinct love expressions on this date that left a permanent tattoo of love in my heart. This starred date on my calendar is a day marked for LOVE.

The love story began on July 19th, 1952 as my parents, Tom and Judy, vowed their love to each other, eloping in Seattle before my Dad was sent off to the Korean War.  This legacy of love has lived on for 64 years. We as their children, grandchildren and great grands have been privileged to witness their commitment to love…thanks Mom & Dad!

Continuing along on the love journey, forty three years later, on July 19th, 1995, it was love at first touch that became real to Phil and I as our beautiful, 3 & 1/2 months old baby girl was placed in our arms and our son become a big brother.  This love that began in prayer, traveled to our hearts ,and became tangible!  This day is dog-eared in our family and will always be celebrated.  I enjoy hearing Drew ask Bekah, "What do you want to do for your Homecoming Day?", and Bekah replying, "What do you want to do for your Big Brother Day?”.  A love celebrated.

Then on July 19, 2011, I received an outpouring of love as I forged through a very traumatic time of so many unknowns, as the first round of chemo was infused into my body.  Phil & I will never forget being comforted by the love we felt from my dearest friend, Sheri, who was by my side praying, hand holding, and wiping tears during the first step of my long chemo journey.  Her love carried me through the next long five months.  A new kind of love was birthed into me this day—A love to life.  

This past Tuesday, July 19th, I am reminded of all the love that was brought by the significance of this date.  A love journey that will never be forgotten.  

Decorating your life with words…Jane 

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