& off we go...

& off we go... Bek off to Chicago for preseason and Phil and I off to wine country! I have been dreading Bek having to leave and go back to school just about as soon as she had gotten home in May,so thankfully our friends,Dave and Tami, suggested a trip to Willamette Valley the Sunday after she leaves. Bek is excited and ready for this season and I am thrilled for her, I can't help but think about how much I will miss her.

Actually, as I write this one my tears have started to well and I don't want to miss one minute with her during her last week here. It has been full of trips browsing Target and TJ's,coffee dates, competitive scrabble games and lunch dates saying goodbye to family and friends. It has been the the week full of cramming in everything that was put off because the,"Oh we've got time" has now ran out of time! So to waste no more precious time with B this has been kept short and sweet.

& off we go!

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