Thankful 2 be Free

From the bottom of my heart, I shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to all the men and women who have given of themselves, so that we may continue to live in the the freedom and peace of this GREAT country. This day is especially significant for our family as we say "THANKS" to my Pops who served a newly married 19 year old youngster in the front lines of Korea. As a family, we are forever blessed of his duty and are the beneficiaries of his service for his sacrifice during those 18 months. The Korean war not only held back the spread of communism, but also paved the way for the South Korean adoption in 1955. Our family became complete and directly benefited as a beautiful South Korean baby girl was placed in our arms 40 year later.

Frequently , on Veteran’s Day, our son, Drew, often picks up the phone and says “Gramps thanks for serving”.  I am also aware that my daughter, Bekah, has embarked on this same tradition.  I know that these phone calls mean the world to my dad because he always call me afterwards!!
With a heart of gratitude, I encourage you to pick up the phone, text someone or shake a hand a say THANKS for serving. May you be remembered, honored, celebrated, and thanked this day!! 
Dad, I love you oodles!!!XO
Decorating your life with words…Jane
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