The one and only "Unforgettable" Barbra Streisand!

The one and only "Unforgettable" Barbra Streisand!

It was a magical moment when I was an eight year old girl watching Barbra Streisand on the big screen play the character Fanny Brice in the movie Funny Girl--my all time second favorite movie!

Last night at her "concert" in Chicago, my love affair came to a screeching halt as I was reminded of dire consequences of global warming, breaking the glass ceiling for women, and the rough and tumble realities of presidential politics. I don't know about you, but I go to concerts to forget these things and to get lost in the rapture of the musical experience. What should have been an enjoyable evening of music and the celebration of an extremely talented life, felt more like a political rally!  Barbra even said that "I always seem to tour during election years?"

Before Barbra's "concert" last night, the word "unforgettable" stirred up wonderfully ooey-gooey emotions of my infatuation as an eight year old little girl for this richly talented singer, songwriter and actress.  After last night, I was reminded that only our treasured memories deserve the honor of being labeled "unforgettable", not a memory like last night that will most likely linger in my mind for years as "unforgettable".

The summer concert series has officially come to a close for the Allen's. Hope you have enjoyed touring with us!

Decorating your life with words....Jane

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