Top 10 Ways to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Every girl should feel comfortable in their own beautiful skin! No matter what anyone says or thinks, every body is beautiful and every person is 100% deserving of love. Getting to the point of being comfortable with who you are is an amazing feeling, unlike any other. It’s the kind of great inner joy that goes hand in hand with self knowledge and appreciation. In honor of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, I would like you all to learn to love yourself and be eager to lovingly, proudly share the authentic you with the world!


Here are the top 10 ways to be comfortable in your own skin:

  1. Be real, Stay real.

Make this a personal event. Take a while to relax and really get to know the real you, not the false version that you portray to the world. Dig to the deepest parts, the good and bad, to discover the wants, needs and desires of the authentic you.

Authenticity is often mistook for honesty, meaning that person feels as though they owe the world their authentic selves. That’s not it. Embracing the real you will not make you a better person to the world because you are already amazing! But it is your golden entrance into a world of inner joy, success and vibrant energy!

be beautiful

  1. Adore the person in the mirror.

Although this is one of the first things that anyone will tell you to do within your journey, it is absolutely one of the most important. But on the other hand, it is one of the most ignored elements… why? I think that most people see this as a burden and cannot muster up the courage to truly accept who they are in the moment. It’s just one more thing that they need to do to “feel better”. What they are missing are the amazing benefits self acceptance can bring!

Loving yourself is one of the most life improving changes you can make because it affects relationships, friendships, and your overall success. The experiences you have and the circumstances you are under paint a very clear measure of how much you currently love yourself and what you truly believe you deserve. If you begin to believe that you are worthy of much more (Because you are!!) you will start to reach your goals and become more successful. Your perception of yourself weighs so heavily on your choices and the opportunities you take! Know your worth!


  1. Desire away.

If you desire something, don’t be afraid to go after it! Whether it be a boy, a product, or a way of life… just go for it. No one needs to understand it, not even yourself. But to trust yourself to go after that desire is the greatest step towards self-love. The reason you don’t already have everything you want is because you don’t love yourself enough to believe that you deserve it. Although this is a difficult element to process, I think that if we were all wholly believing in what we deserve, all the desires that lie within our minds would already be ours. So remind yourself throughout the day to live those desires and stop shutting them out.


  1. Let the bad things come and go.

There are so many things in this world that are just SO out of our personal control, and we cannot let those things continue to drag us down! Instead of focusing on the bad that came out of it, focus on all of the valuable information that you can pull from it. Whether it be learning from past mistakes or learning which path to take in the future, all bad things come with some sort of learning experience. So let the bad things happen, take what you can from it, and let it pass.

be cheers

  1. Take responsibility.

If it’s yours, own it! This doesn’t just mean the good things in life, it also include the mistakes made. We as a society are so accustomed to pushing blame where it doesn’t belong and making a problem worse, instead of just owning up to personal faults. Take full responsibility for your life, you accomplishments, and your failures. They are YOURS. Tough to take in, but so extremely empowering once you learn to use that to gain real control over your life.


  1. Acceptance, never tolerance.

We accept the unchangeable facts and figures of life that are out of our control. That is a healthy practice that I recommend. Tolerating, however, is not something that should be promoted. Decipher what things in your life can be modified and what things are out of your control, and fix those that have the ability to be changed. We tolerate things that are generally in our control because it’s “easier”. Spend some time thing about the underlying reasons you are tolerating certain behaviors in your life and make the move to alter them into something positive.

be curious

  1. Understand the cycle.

Many of us have dug ourselves into such a deep rut that it seems almost impossible to escape from. This rut could be within a toxic relationship, a poorly dynamical workplace or a joy-sucking friend group. All three of these example have one thing in common, they bring you more pain then happiness. Instead of making the big cut and ridding them all from your life, learn from the development of the cycle. Ask yourself, “How did I get here?”, “Why do I continue to see them?”, and “What draws me to them?”. Learn how you dug this deep rut in order to escape or enhance it!

be true

  1. Know your values.

Although this is more of a societal issue, it is important to know who you are and what you believe in. These values can limit you, but also have the ability to open you open to extensive opportunities! Many people harbor the same crappy shared beliefs, but most of us have our own unique set of fears, self-doubts, and longings that we keep locked away. Our common societal beliefs may live on our surface, but our unique set is what live at our core. If you think that you are not living life at your full capacity, take a second to try to discover what core or surface belief is holding you back and hat you can do about it.

be dream

  1. Lift your limits.

We have heard the phrase the sky is the limit our whole lives, but it’s a load of crap. As intelligent men and women, we have no limits as long as we believe we have none. Setting “practical” goals is not a good practice and will only leave you right where you started. Reach for your highest potential and beyond, and believe that you can and will reach there one day!

be sparkle

  1. Live and love passionately.

After discovering who you are, what your values and boundaries are and uncovering your greatest desires, don’t mosy on towards them. Throw yourself vigorously into their direction and take them head on! Give your wants and needs the spark that they need to come alive!

I think that the author Natalie Goldberg has an analogy that fits perfect with this: “When you bake a cake, you have ingredients, right? You have eggs, butter, milk, sugar, flour. The ingredients are the different parts of your life. You mix them all together in a bowl but this doesn’t make a cake. It makes goop. To turn it into a cake, you have to add the energy of intense heat. To turn your life into a life worth living, you have to add the heat and energy of your whole heart and soul. Otherwise it’s just goop.”


Being comfortable in your own skin and embracing the real you comes from knowing yourself and loving everything about yourself. You are amazing and deserve all the good that is in this world! Find the true but hidden version of you and learn to love and honor all aspects of it. Only then will you fell the bliss of being comfortable in your own skin!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post was helpful and enlightening  Leave me some comments about what you think self love really means!

XOXO, Melissa

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