Transformation Tuesday- Happy Holzworth's!




Minutes 2 Magnificent


  • Yay! Great choice of interesting photos that relate to the couple! 
  • Yay! Spacing of frames has a nice layout that fills the wall.
  • Nay! Simple wall that needs a pop... something more! 
  • Nay! Although very symmetrical the space is very predictable. The added words unify and add a sculptural element! 


  • Yay! Clusters of similar frames, matted in white pair nicely with words and unify the space! 
  • Yay! A simple wall now becomes the focal point! 
  • Yay! Words, frames and mirror add dimension that draws one in although it is the words make this wall truly personal & special!

Interested in transforming your space? Send us a photo and your budget to  we will help you create a dynamic space you love coming home to! 

~ Sally 


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