Transformation Tuesday! Aroma Cafe: Green Thumbers

This weeks Transformation Tuesday features before & after photos from the Aroma Cafe, inside Green Thumbers located in Davenport, IA. The cafe is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy a cup of coffee, and take in the scenery!
Such a  beautiful transformation
Minutes 2 Magnificent 


  • Yay!  Fresh, clean and calm commercial space and flooded with natural light!

  • Nay!  Void of color and huge blank wall fails to draw one in!


  • Yay! Huge wall covered with one art concept to stay with sleek look but adds sculpture and texture to huge wall!
  • Yay! Using neutral colors, retains clean aesthetic but adds dimension and purposeful prose with this mindful quote
Interested in transforming your space? Send a photo and your budget to  we will help you create a dynamic space you love coming home to! 

~ Sally 


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