What's on my Door?

It’s almost that time! In T-minus 3 days, it will officially be acceptable to get your spooky decs out and embrace the Halloween spirit! I’ve never been a fan of super decked out houses with really scary decorations, but I LOVE my cute little spooky ones! This season, add a little outside flair without going all out with our L2W Halloween collection. There is an abundance of cute pieces that can easily transform a fall decorated house into Halloween haven. Click the link to take a peek! https://www.letter2word.com/collections/Halloween

As I was saying, many of our spooky products are perfect for adding that Halloween curb appeal without coming across as scary! Transform your bland front walkway into a friendly and inviting entrance for our upcoming trick-or-treaters with one of the L2W Halloween Collection pieces!

So, What’s on my Door? As you can see in the picture below, I paired our “Trick or Treat” product with the “ghostly ghost” and some fall friendly cornstalks to open up our front doorway. I love this look because it is so inviting and friendly and really adds that October touch to my home! These L2W products are so much easier to put up compared to my other decorations and are very simple to remove and store for next year.



Since you all are fabulous and read my blog, here’s a little sneak peek of one of our 20% discounted products for the month of October! It looks great with the rest of your fall decorations and serves as a season-long piece! I personally love the touch of sparkle around the top and stem of the product, and it looks fabulous in the sunlight. Take a look for yourself, but remember: The sale doesn’t begin until 10/1/17!https://www.letter2word.com/products/pumpkin


Stay tuned this next week for more deals that are coming your way! Comment, share or like and let me know how I’m doing! Thanks for reading!

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