What's on my Wall?

A room decorated is not simply just a living space. It is a personalized area with character. In my life, it has been essential to properly decorate a room with the most complimenting pieces in the best way possible. I have always believed that decorating was just to enhance the room, but I now also think that it is important to reflect you and your sense of style in your décor as well. Personally, I decorate most of my spaces in a “free-spirit” kind of theme. Many of my items are beach-y and rustic, and I think that the pieces flow well together in the rooms that I have designed.

When I have a guest over, I want them to feel welcomed and have the ability to get a sense of who I am by just entering the room. This is also the goal that I have for all of you lovely followers of mine. Since most of you will not have the chance to physically take a step into my decorated rooms, I have provided pictures so that you can virtually take a peek at who I am!

I live in an apartment style dorm at St. Ambrose, and I have a (very small) room to myself! With the limited space that I have, it sometimes makes it difficult to decorate without making the room feel cluttered. To avoid this, I have one main decorated wall with 3 accent walls to complement the theme. As you can see below, I have a great beachy-free theme that I absolutely love! I’ll go through each piece and explain what it means to me and how it adds to the room’s atmosphere!

Whats on my wall1


I’ll start off by explaining my chicken wire… thing! Since I am a huge fan of craft fairs and my town puts one on every year, I get 70% of my crafty inspiration from there. I saw something similar to this (and extremely overpriced), and decided to try to create one for myself! This was my first woodworking project and it was a bit of a challenge for me, so I had to call in the master for help… My dad. He taught me how to construct it and then left the painting to me to figure out on my own! I really love this particular piece because I look at it every day and think of the time spent with my dad and the crafty things that I am capable of! For an outsider who doesn’t know the little backstory, I think this chicken wire hanging is very laid back and gives a home-y feeling to the room. The chicken wire allows me to hang that super cute pic of my mom, little BFF and I, and some other little tchotchkes too. A person can take one look at this and get my sense of style, while also getting a feel for my interests and values (family and travel!).

The next one up is my burlap corkboard. I LOVE IT! I found this one over the summer at a garage sale full of used wedding items and boy did I strike gold! This baby was originally priced at $40, but I paid a mere $5 for it. What a deal! Other than the fabulous deal I got on it, I really like it because it serves as a mirror piece for the chicken wire thing (Symmetry is important!) and it just another thing that I can post memos and reminders to and display some cute little things in my life. Here I have my Dance Marathon button, my ticket for entry to the Louvre, and two cute memories from my brothers adorable wedding! Again, people can get a good sense of who I am by just taking a peek at this board as well.

Whats on my wall 4

How cute are these starfish?? Although I can’t take credit for making them, they still are my favorite little accent piece. It fits almost anywhere and they really add to the beachy theme that I have going on! I believe that these give off a free-spirit vibe and make the room welcoming!

Whats on my wall 6

Finally, we have my absolute favorite décor in the room! Hand painted by our fabulous artists here at Letter2Word, it really helps complete the room and liven up the place. Our motto at L2W is to “Decorate your life with words” and I absolutely agree that this is the best way to live! I wake up every day to a beautifully decorated piece that brightens up the whole atmosphere of my bedroom. It is 3D, so it adds dimension along with the rest of the wall’s décor. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect finishing touch to the room!

A persons room speaks a thousand word about them, so why not make that message clear and decorate your life with words! Letter2Word provides a plethora of different words and sayings that add life into every room hey are hung. For me, it is perfect because they are easy hung and torn down with command strips, leaving no damage or mess on the walls when I move out! Find a piece that highlights your own style at Letter2Word.com or check our featured “Lake Life” product at https://www.letter2word.com/products/lake-life?variant=12005374019

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