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“To market to market, to buy a fat pig…home again, home again, jiggety jig!”  Mother Goose’s market definitely did not have the cache that today’s Farmer’s Markets do. It’s time to make your lists, put on some cute duds, grab your stroller, kids and puppies, and be ready to socialize this Saturday! Farmer’s Market Saturdays can be an event to entertain AND provide. Good eats can be purchased for the whole week, thus alleviating the impatience of waiting in a line at the grocery store.

 farmer's market entrance

Why is it that the lines at the Farmer’s Market don’t seem as long, nor the people as impatient when they have to wait? There is pleasantness in numbers here and Farmer’s Market shoppers tend to allow more time for such an event versus the same old, same old of the quick milk run to the store.

 Pick up some great ideas on how to combine your Saturday purchases for a party theme. Even use your herbs and artichokes with flowers for a centerpiece with the freshest scents!'s-market_inspired-party-0249383

 Fresh table

Photo Cred.- Letter2Word- FRESH, perfect decor for your kitchen

Doesn’t it sound fun to peruse for your produce while enjoying the air among the community? I liked this list of how-to’s when it comes to your market2market time! Idea:

 F is for Farm and here is a small list of “F” words related to your future Saturdays:

  • Have FUN: Make the day worth the wait and enjoy—you are getting outside, spotting friends, leisurely making your choices, and getting all the benefits of not harvesting the fields yourselves!
  • Be FASHIONABLE: You don’t have to wear sweat pants and a ball cap, you can look cute in casual, yet classic attire.

Hunter boots

These boots are made for walking OR you could head home to plant some of the perennials you just purchased in the versatile galoshes that just spray off! See cute dud ideas from

  • Feel FABULOUS: If you want to be like Reese (Witherspoon) or Jennifer (Garner)…know that your favorite celebrities are out at their markets feeding their families too, they don’t want YOU to have all the fun!

reese market

  • Get the FACTS:  You can kindly ask your growers if they use pesticides…that way you know you are buying organic if they say “no” or that you should thoroughly wash your food if the answer is “yes”.
  • Be FRESH: Here in Iowa we love our corn –growing nice and tall by July.
  • Be FANTASTIC: Don't forget to share this blog with a friend! 

Photo Cred. - Letter2Word Custom Decor 

You might find some cobs from other states at your Farmer’s Market soon and this is a phenomenal recipe to try it out! Use it at your after-market brunch or for a tasty accompaniment to your cocktail hour!

    Have fun, be fashionable, feel fabulous, get the facts, and be fresh! Simple advice for heading out to your Farmer's Market, and soon! Happy Cinco De Mayo too!

    By: Ann K. Nicknish, The Blogging Word Girl (BWG)



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