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The salad fork (the smaller one) is best placed on the left of the dinner fork according to the proper etiquette.  The fork is a word that has so much “meat to it/or on it!” It’s a utensil for spearing your food and getting said food to your taste buds. I’m going to stick to reference of food for this week’s blog. Farm 2 Fork—the diners, foodies, and chefs of the world are asking for more fresh ingredients and even more organic options and those options come from acreages outside of most towns and cities.


One of the most famous forks in the world was painted by Iowa artist Grant Wood. This remake on a barn in the rural state "pitches" the beauty of its natural surroundings on classic architecture. Photo by Back Road Bound.

The demand for organically grown foods continues to grow –you see it in whole sections at retail grocers and more in more in cafes and restaurants. In my world, the fork-word leads to a dining destination in Solon, Iowa.  Salt Fork Kitchen is a delicious example of the Farm2Fork approach.

salt fork sign

It was opened by Eric Menzel, who owns a farm of the same name on 17 acres, not far from the restaurant on Solon's Main Street. One finds chickens for eggs on this working farm, which also grows vegetables, greens, fruit, herbs, and flowers. Jay Schworn is an accomplished cook who is able to use the freshest ingredients to feed people great food. Salt Fork Kitchen serves breakfast all day long—with those “farm-fresh” eggs. The Zayna is a favorite on the menu at Salt Fork—a Mediterranean mixup of lamb sausage, greens, and eggs topped off with a yogurt and balsamic vinegar.

Solon's city manager, Cami Rasmussen, told the Des Moines Register that the restaurant's unique menu and flavors have made it a busy spot. "It's helped Solon become a destination town," she said.

Speaking of busy spots-- my niece and nephew spotted celebrity Mila Kunas and her baby at Salt Fork Kitchen on a recent visit. The café is situated between Iowa City and  Cedar Rapids, IA, which might be close to one set of celeb grandparents!

mila kunas

Farm2Fork chefs rely on traditional farmhouse cooking, also known as peasant food with an emphasis on seasonality—like asparagus and rhubarb in the spring—as well as freshness, local availability, and simple preparation. Says Salt Fork,  “It is our objective to offer these meals prepared for and served to you with ingredients grown as close-by as possible to your plate, in order to ensure freshness and quality."

fork menu

Now you can post your own menu available at L2W.


 Try  to use some fresh ingredients –from the Farmer’s Market or the grocery store—both offer locally grown goods—and hear the rave reviews!!

oh yum

 Food art gives the graphic punch to any kitchen wall. Look at this delectable grouping in  Letter2Word lunchroom.

 virginia wolf


Farm well, harvest well, dine well!

By: Ann K. Nicknish, The Blogging Word Girl, BWG


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