Transformation Tuesday- Carrie's Pad

Every Tuesday, L2W will be posting a room transformed using our very own L2W products. I thought it's only befitting to start this maiden voyage with my dear friend, Carrie's charming living room (dogs and all)! Your room could be next! Just send a before & after photo once your words are hung! Let's get creative! 

Minutes 2 Magnificent


  • Yay! Great choice of light colored sectional to uncluttered space & provide ample seating.
  • Yay! Geometric rug adds a colorful contemporary feel.
  • Nay! Dark walls are too contrasting and "swallow up" the visual space.
  • Nay! Window is pigeonholed against dark walls & appears to grow up out of sectional. 


  • Yay! The space is creative and draws one in!
  • Yay! Clusters of similar photo frames, matted in white, light up the dark walls and unify windows and sectional.
  • Yay! Room looks much lighter as all the white "turns on the lights!"
  • Yay! Colorful words add meaning, dimension, whimsy and become art pieces that tie to the rug and poof in foreground! 

Interested in transforming your space? Send us a photo and your budget to  we will help you create a dynamic space you love coming home to! 

~ Sally 

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