Birthday love for this Pooch

Birthday love for this Pooch

I awoke Tuesday A.M., Sept 13th with a smile in my heart and a song in my voice to our dearly loved doxie Java Bean Allen.  This little guy turned 14 years old!!!  

My son Drew found him in an ad when my husband Phil was out of town.  What better thing to do with the kids when the hubby is away at a tradeshow, but to go and look at dachshund puppies?  We all know that it usually never ends at just a look! The look became tangible, check written, as Drew held this adorable little guy on his lap on the car ride home. Even though Java was the last chosen one from the litter, I know for a fact, that the best was saved for last!  

Java has been more in tune to me than most humans being have been. This pup knows when my joints start aching because he starts licking precisely at that joint. When I am sick, he lays on my stomach and won't leave my side.  While recovering from abdominal surgery and chemo, my parents affectionately and willingly grand dog sat for five months. As my health returned, he instinctively knew it, and wanted to come home.  He let us know this desire by peeing in his cage every time my parents left their house. Pretty smart little guy...he has never peed in his cage since then!!!!

Happy Birthday Java!!!!! We love you!!!!

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  • Sweetest pooch ever! Next to my own of course :) Happy Birthday Javi!!!


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