Cheers from Napa!

Cheers from Napa...

It would be wonderful to say that Phil and I are on a little getaway,Not! We are at a conference for Phil. This organization, Association For High Technology has been going strong for 30 years, of which, Phil and I have been attending for the past 15 years. It is unusual in that we meet twice a year, Fall and Spring and encourage spouse/guest attendees. The board takes great care of us gals and applauds our fantastic networking ability! While attending the spouse reception Tuesday evening, a few of us were quickly aware of the fact that we have become "the oldsters." We marveled how we have maneuvered through the stages of life sharing stories about our children from teens to college graduations, to jobs,to marriage,to grand babies and adult children working in the family business! We have bonded in unique ways!!!

Uncork, and sip on your favorite red or white and enjoy some drops of wine knowledge:

  • We are right in the "pick"of Harvest
  • Over 1,000 wineries in Napa &Sonoma
  • 1966-1972 wine consumption doubled
  • 1980's an acre of land cost 8-10,000$ NOW cost 300,000$/ acre
  •  7-10 years before any return on your investment
  •  Average life span of a vine 30-40 years
  •  90% of grapes are hand picked
  •  Bird feeders placed in vineyards to attract Hawks and Owls to "keep" critters out
  •  Rose bushes planted to be the first attraction to pests
  •  French white oak barrels can cost upwards of 1500 $, Opus Winery uses the barrel one time. Afterwards? Bourbon distillery, here I come!
  • The Mondavi brothers lived to ripe old ages of 94 and 102!!! Their secret a bottle of WINE everyday.... Starting with a glass at breakfast!!!!! Hmmm.... Good-bye Java Girl, Hello Vino Girl!!!!

What is your favorite wine? Please comment below!

Decorating your life with words... Jane

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