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Decorate your Life with Words

Posted by Shannon Evans on

Many of you that follow us on here or social media know that we often sign off by saying, "Decorate your Life with Words," this is a statement our founder, Jane Allen coined, as it is truly fitting when thinking of Letter2Word and the products we offer.
Many struggle to add unique elements that really tell a story. A home should be a statement of who you are. Many tell their story by using family photos and artwork. However, why not add more artistry, more interest, more "eye candy," a focal point that draws others in and makes you happy and grounded when admiring. How you ask?
Mary, one of our awesome clients who recently moved into a beautiful new home did just that. She is a lover of color and fun elements that tell a story about her family. She enlisted Letter2Word Designer, Sally Dailey to help create a statement wall full of words that spark memories of... family vacations, sporting events, inside jokes, and the journey of life as a member of the Lafever fam! Together they created the "Lafever Word Haven!"  Mary had a vibrant backdrop to work with (her awesome green wall) Sally recommended creating a monochromic look that truly adds a rich and unique statement.

now talk about FuN & Unique...

Think about words that describe you, describe your family and spark memories! Create your own "Word Haven" learn more contact or call us at 563.940.1164.

I wanted to end this post with a quote that Kim Jocelyn Dickson, good friend, talented author and founder of Read from Birth shared with me. Her blog focuses on the importance of early literacy and how it can truly shape a person, in turn this all relates back to the power of words. I felt these words were fitting for this post... 

Words are a powerful, they have so much meaning...



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