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When my daughter was a senior in high school, I was trying to wrap my mind around how much I will miss her when she is away at college. She is a girl from little on who lights up when I give her a gift whether it is a Cookie by Design on Valentine's Day or homemade sour cream cupcakes on the first day of school... Bekah is my Gift Girl!!!!!

I remembered what a mom from a soccer tournament shared with me what I thought was a fantastic idea and tucked it away in my memory bank. So when Bek went away to school, I organized a "College Mom's Night" with 8 of Bek's friends' moms. After 4 years, we have the system down! We strategically plan the delivery before Halloween, finals in December, Valentine's Day and Spring finals! Wine is pretty much the drink of choice. Our Menu has been consistent starting off with a salad bar, unto baked potato bar, homemade soups for the cold winter and springing into Spring with appetizers. One mom is the designated dessert bringer.

The evening is about caring for each other,connecting with each other and catching up on our lives and oh yes our daughters, all the while we are decorating gift bags and packing "the goods." The first one of their senior year just went out, and already we have heard,"this is the best one ever, you moms are the best!!!

We do it not to hear this, but because our Girls are the Best!!!

Decorating your life with words...Jane

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