Lover of Words

As I was thinking about this week's blog, I was reminded that 3 years ago at this time I was given a creative idea from God. Words are so important to God and the way we use them. This idea became a business called Letter2Word (aka L2W)

As this idea developed into a sellable product, I have realized more and more whatever God gives us blesses others. For instance,I recently celebrated a dear friend's birthday, as we were sipping on our "healthy" green smoothies she began sharing how L2W has blessed her. From her collection,the words Love Life which is especially meaningful to her. She has strategically placed it on her hallway wall by the photos of her children and 10 grandchildren. This word truly reflects Kate's heart. She is a lover of life and is reminded as she looks upon this wall of the goodness of God!

Ironically, another dear friend phoned me this week saying,"hey Jane, I need a birthday gift. I want to give him a Letter2Word. I am uncertain of which one but I will know it when I see it." She stopped by to "shop" and was instantly drawn to the word "loved." She exclaimed,"this is perfect! He is a man so "loved" by God and others, as he has "loved" so many! This is wonderful for him to be visually reminded everyday that he is a " loved" man. Personally, I have " loved" on my wall and am visually reminded of that truth when the untrue lies in my mind try to say otherwise. This visual reinforcement puts the brakes on this stinking thinking.

Just like my friends,Kate and Kathryn, you too have a special word that will speak to your life. 

So dream,believe,receive and you will achieve!! Happy Anniversary Letter2Word!!!

In celebration of 3 fun and successful years in business, each customer will receive the word "loved" with any purchase placed on when using the promo code LOVED. Offer is valid from now until Oct 21st! We hope this is a constant reminder of how loved you are by God, friends, and family! 

Decorating your life with words... Jane

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